Abdomen workout roller wheel

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 Product Name:   360 Degrees Household All-Dimensional Whisper Quite Abdominal Wheel Roller Core Trainer Equipment Wheel Non-Slip Rubber Handle For Exercise Workout Gym Fitness For Men Women 
 Material:             ABS plastic, wheel (rubber), handle (soft plastic) 
 Features:           Non-slip uneven patterns on the handle. Made of high density ABS material, the wheel is wear-resistant, soft, whisper quite, and greatly flexible. 360-degree all-dimensional rotation & the removable handle
                            part for your simple use and easy carrying. 
 Size:                   (approx.) chassis width: 20 cm/ 7.87 in, wheel width: 10 cm/ 3.94 in, whole length: 47 cm/ 18.50 in 


There are plastic granules in the black round ball so as to increase the friction with the black ball and enhance rotation of the ball. It's normal that there is some sound produced from it.

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