Neck Relaxation Shiatsu Massager

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Find the perfect way to pamper yourself with this Infrared Heating Shiatsu Massage Cushion!

This heating massage pillow is an ideal way to take care of yourself & is all the reward you'll need after a long day's work.

Equipped with infrared heating and rotating hands, this massaging pillow promises you a deep kneading massage each and every time you pick it up.

And you can even use it in the car! With the car lighter power adapter, you can use it on the way to or from work,

as well as for long treks so you can be comfortable while you're car-bound.

The heated pillow is ideal for neck pains, back aches and all types of head  pains. 

Until you can afford that personal masseuse, treat yourself to the heat & feel the deep relief of this Infrared Heating Shiatsu Massage Cushion!

Great for  neck relaxation, back waist body  massage and deep-kneading.
Massage pillow use the latest features, massage head condensed infrared, hyperthermia, magnetic therapy, vibration massage four functions.
Suitable for both car and home usage. 
High quality motor and overheating protecting.


Package Size:34*11.5*19cm
Rated voltage: AC220V 50Hz
Rated power: 28W
Insulation class: E
Use time: 15 minutes
Type:4/8 pcs Massage Head(built in)

Package included:
1X Massage Pillow Cushion
1X Charger
1X Adapter  


   Warm Prompt:

Do not use in wet or humid areas.
● Ensure the massager is not exposed to direct sunlight, positioned near heaters or other heat sources.
● Always unplug the unit when not in use, or before cleaning.
● Always check the power cable, if it is damaged or broken it must be replaced by a qualified repair agent.
● Intended for household use only
● It is not intended for use by children, do not allow children to play with the massager, always make sure children are supervised.
● Do not insert any objects into the massager as this will damage the internal workings.
● Never use the massager for more than 15 minutes at one time.
● Never use this product if you have swollen or inflamed skin.
● Do not use the massager before going to bed, as the massager works as a stimulant and may delay sleep.
● Do not immerse in any liquid to clean.




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